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iPhone 13 Rumors And The Best Place For iPhone 13 Case

iPhone 13 Rumors: Everything You Should Know and Where To Get The Best iPhone 13 Case


The iPhone rumors are something that keeps on increasing every year. 2021 is no exception. The latest model of iPhone was released in October 2020 by the name of iPhone 12. It was released along with its Pro, Mini, and Pro Max models. This year, many apple analysts like Kuo have reported the release date for iPhone 13 as of September 2021. 

Initially, there were rumors about the confirmed release of the iPhone 12S this year. It was rumored that the model will be lacking several expected upgrades. 

This article will provide insights on several rumors about the new model and will also discuss the expert and public opinions on the same.

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Rumors and Leaks 

The internet is full of new iPhone 13 rumors, theories, and design leaks. There are many publishing companies that focus on analyzing and predicting apple products. Some of the statements published by them are turned into rumors. These rumors sometimes escalate and end up confusing the buyers. 

Here are some of the rumors with expert comments and public reviews about them:

1. Potential iPhone 13 Names

As the news of the release of the new iPhone in 2021 was spread, people came up with theories that the 2021 model would be named ‘iPhone 12S’ or ‘iPhone 2021’. Some even claimed that Apple Inc. might skip the number 13 as it symbolizes bad luck. 

However, this rumor was declared false when the official Apple supply chain revealed that this year’s iPhone will be named as iPhone 13.  

2. iPhone 13 Case and Shape

Some theories were published on the internet that iPhone 13 will have a better camera than the current pro models as a leaked picture of the iPhone 13 Pro case went viral on the internet. 

Talking about the style, some photos, and early renders were leaked on the internet and claimed that the new model will not be changing much in terms of style as compared to the old models. 

Recently, Apple Inc. released a photo of seven new iPhone 13 Stock Keeping Units. These rumors were somewhat proved correct. The phone did undergo subtle design changes. 

As depicted in the leaked iPhone 13 case, the cameras in the new model are bigger than the previous version. Overall, there has been a 20% increase in the size of the camera module. Large camera module indicates large lenses. 

Similarly, the leaked design of the iPhone 13 mini showed that it had two oversized rear cameras.

Another variation is that the iPhone 13 Pro Max has a 30% smaller notch as compared to iPhone 12 Pro Max. Due to this, the phone speaker is moved upwards. The only thing similar between the two models is their dimensions. They both have similar sizes and thicknesses. 

Volume and power button layouts are also identical while the new model still has the charging port. This again shuts down the rumors claiming the phone to be portless. 

The new design calls out for a new iPhone 13 case. Since the initial announcements and photos of the iPhone 13 Pro case went viral, there has been a lot of buzz about protective cases for bigger cameras. 

With bigger lenses, the iPhone 13 case needs more protection without compromising with weight and quality of the case. 

Companies like Ghostek are already designing two Nautical Slim series Apple iPhone 13 cases. Considering the product’s previous performance, these cases are bound to be exceptional in terms of quality and design. 

iphone 13 waterproof case

Nautical cases are waterproof, designed with military-grade tested drop protection. 

For users who prefer elegance with minimalism, the company is also planning to design Covert Clear iPhone 13 Pro cases. These cases are shockproof and waterproof.

i phone 13 case

So, expect just the best cases for your iPhone 13 from Ghostek. While the case designs are still under process, you can always check them out with the release of the new iPhone 13.

If you are eager to know the features of a typical Ghostek case, then you can take a look here.

3. Technology and Features

Right after the announcement of the release of the new model in 2021, the phone was surrounded by many expectations of possible technological upgrades and new features. Some people claimed that the odd models of the iPhone series usually offer minor technological updates and improvements to the previous ones.

One of these rumors was that the 2021 model will have a bigger battery. iPhone 12 has a decent battery life but as compared to other Android phones, the battery capacity is still less. This rumor comes from Apple analysts and claims the iPhone 13 to have better battery life. 

Another rumor was that the iPhone 13 will have a 120 Hertz screen refresh rate. Since the previous versions had a 60 Hertz refresh rate, users were so excited to hear about this upgrade. 

While this feature is still unconfirmed, there is a hope that the new model comes up with a better screen refresh rate as in 2021, we saw many phones with high refresh rates.

The picture of the leaked Apple iPhone 13 Pro case made people curious about the rear camera size. It appeared to be bigger than the ones in previous models. This made the people think that the new camera may have features like Portrait mode video capturing and Astrophotography. 

These theories became popular as we have already seen these features in other phones. 

4. No Lightning Port

After the removal of the headphone jack in 2016, there were a lot of speculations about Apple wanting to make a portless phone. This rumor went viral because Apple launched MagSafe charging on iPhone 12. 

However, this rumor was declared false when the specifications of the new design were revealed. The iPhone 13 still has a lightning port. 

5. Return of Touch ID 

Some rumors predicted that Apple would introduce the touch ID again with the new iPhone 13. Many fans supported this as it went viral on the internet. There were also speculations about the new model having an in-screen fingerprint ID.


While iPhone 13 is termed as ‘ahead of schedule’ it is scheduled to release in September 2021 in its Mini, Pro, and Pro Max lineup with subtly enhanced design and supersized rear cameras. 

With these design enhancements, accessories like iPhone 13 Pro cases are being designed to provide safety to the device without compromising with the style. Speculations are surely a major part of an iPhone release. The brand never fails in keeping its users intrigued.

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