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Best Wallet Cases For Your Pixel 7

The Google Pixel 7 looks fantastic and performs better than practically everything else available, making it one of the greatest Android smartphones available right now. It's not exactly delicate, but the all-glass construction might make you hesitant to carry it without a cover. Fortunately, a wide range of great cases—from the elegant to the extremely rugged—are readily accessible.

In today’s blog, we are going to talk about some of the best wallet cases for Pixel 7.

1. Ghostek Pixel 7 — EXEC

Pixel 7 Phone case

The Exec by Ghostek is a wonderful case that looks amazing and feels great in your hands. The case safeguards the phone in every crucial area. The buttons have a great sense of responsiveness without being slow. It provides excellently constructed protection for your brand-new Pixel 7.

Key Features:

  • Credit cards, identification cards, and transportation cards can all be safely stored in the Pixel 7 Pro card holder. 
  • Using their new MagnaLink magnets, which also work with some MagSafe accessories, Ghostek has designed this wallet so that it is simple to attach and detach. 
  • To accompany their planned armband and bike mount attachments, they have also included a new safe locking design as if that weren't enough. 
  • Apart from that, you naturally receive our 12-foot drop resistance and elevated bumper edges for heavy-duty shockproof protection of the camera flash, lenses, and screen. 
  • Black, Grey, or Pink are the available colors for this Pixel 7 Pro wallet case. 
  • The case supports wireless charging, and Ghostek even provides a lifetime guarantee for it! 

2. Spigen Slim Armour CS

Pixel 7 phone case

The Slim Armour CS series of cases from Spigen has been around for a while and is frequently chosen by those searching for a protective case with card-holding capabilities. This cover has been created and precisely molded for the Pixel 7 Series, and it offers ease, protection, and aesthetics.

Key Features:

  • Two cards can fit in the compartment at the back, which has a sliding door. 
  • Reviews claim that this door occasionally opens up far too readily, which is undesirable because you risk losing your cards.
  • The case's matte TPU shell has a grippable feel to it. 
  • Not only is it constructed with dependably high-quality materials, but it also features precision engineering in the shape of air cushioning layers. 
  • The reviews claim that you can fit a third card even though it's only intended to handle two. 
  • Spigen offers you a rose gold option in addition to black.

3. Teelevo Dual Layer Wallet Case

Pixel 7 phone case

Out of the various available wallet case designs, Teelevo's case stands out. However, there are two drawbacks that might or might not concern you.

The first is a small annoyance in that it can be difficult to remove two cards from the case if you store them together. The second is that wireless charging is ineffective when there are two cards stored. Therefore whether you use this feature or not will determine if you encounter this issue.

Key Features:

  • This case is the most like a basic, no-frills case, with no bothersome flaps or mistakenly detachable pockets to be concerned about. Instead, a carefully designed cover that swivels open to double as a kickstand secures its contents.
  • This is a great wallet case if you don't want to carry a lot of cards or cash. Up to two cards can be stored, which should be enough for most individuals. In this manner, the case also prevents the phone from becoming overly bulky. 
  • Additionally, the back flap that reveals the card slots may double as a kickstand.
  • It works in its favor that you can't tell that this is a wallet case when the flap is closed. 
  • You also receive a significant amount of protection with this case. 

4. Foluu Fabric Folio Case

Pixel 7 Phone case

Back in the day, Google produced some excellent fabric cases for the Pixel phones, but those days are long gone. However, Foluu provides what you need if you still want a fabric case with a built-in wallet. In terms of the added usefulness you get, a folio case can be really helpful.

The reviews only mentioned one drawback: the magnetic flap isn't powerful enough. The case could so potentially open up simply when not in use. If nothing else, it's an excellent wallet case for the money.

Key Features:

  • You don't need to carry around a separate wallet every time you go out because you can store your cards and cash within.
  • This folio-style case has magnetic flaps on the outside to keep it closed and card slots inside for cards.
  • The ability to utilise the casing as a kickstand while streaming content is another benefit of this design.
  • Since your phone is shielded from all sides by the case, it also offers a significant lot of protection. 

Things you need to consider before buying a wallet case

The Material

In order to absorb shock, your phone would beg you to get it a soft-touch rubber or silicone case, if it could communicate. Additionally, we advise using a cloth interior to wrap your credit cards.

Choose genuine leather if you want to be fashionable. Just keep in mind that an overcrowded wallet will eventually lose its shape. Apply some water to the stretched-out parts to repair it. They will shrunk to their original size when they dry.

Compartment number

Decide how many sections you want in the case as well. A single-pocket case will do if you only intend to carry a few cards and cash. However, you will require a case with many pockets if you want to be able to carry your phone, ID, cards, and cash all in one location.

The Portholes

Inconvenient access holes on cases make it difficult to plug in your headphones or a charger. Bring your add-ons to the store to test beforehand. As you insert the plug, hear for a click to confirm that they are secure.


The main benefit of utilising a wallet cover for the Pixel 7 is that you can forget about carrying a separate wallet. Keep all of your cards, IDs, and some cash in your phone case so you won't have to worry about anything else when you go out. You can select any of these Pixel 7 wallet cases based on your desired design or the number of necessary card slots.

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